Elk and deer leather can be made into a variety of useful things ranging from work gloves to handbags. Products made from the leather are fashionable, comfortable and come in colors ranging from crème to black. Creating the leather is a three-step process: pre-tanning, tanning and finishing with the end result being durable and supple leather.

Deer leather is thin and renowned for its softness. The luxurious leather is popular for clothing and shoes because of its smoothness and strength. It can also be used to make hats, sporting equipment, purses, wallets, and upholstery. One of the most attractive qualities of deer leather is that it can be wet and dried numerous times and it will always return to its original condition. It is preferred for clothing and footwear because over time it molds to the body. Shoes made from deer leather are especially beneficial to those who suffer from common foot ailments such as calluses or bunions because of its spongy, smooth texture. Native Americans continue to use it to make moccasins and other clothing. It also adapts to temperature, cooling when it is too warm and insulating heat in the cold.

Elk leather has a distinctive texture and adds character to products such as coats, vests, gloves, wallets, slippers, and purses. Known as one of the heaviest leathers, it is notorious for its strength and durability while maintaining its softness. Elk leather is known to have a long life and will remain in style for years. Compared to deer leather, it will wear with less damage and it is less prone to stretching. It is prevalent in the Rocky Mountain Region because of the large elk populations in the area.

Both types of leather are popular because they achieve the perfect combination of softness and toughness. Not only will elk and deer leather last longer than fabric, they will also provide comfort and style for years after purchase.

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