Leather is still one of the most sought after materials used today! It predates any other fabric and with proper care, has the potential for a shelf life longer than the style of what it was used to make.

In general, deer and elk leather can be used to manufacture everything from work gloves to clothing to sporting goods and shoes. Deer leather specifically tends to be softer and more pliable than itElk counterpart, and many other types of leather. In addition, the grain of deer skin leather is generally less pronounced than Elk.

In contrast Elk can also be made a little thicker, increasing its applications for clothing and other goods requiring an additional measure of durability.

Although our name has Elk and Deer in it specifically, these are not the only types of leather we offer. Not only do we proudly produce Deer, Elk and Buffalo leather of our own, in addition we are buyers and sellers of leather. This means our selection will often include, Deer, Elk, Sheep, Goat,

Moose, Pig, Buffalo, Latigo and other types of Cow leather as well. Because of this, our inventory is constantly changing so what is here today may not be tomorrow!  Please call us for details on current inventory to see if we have or can get what you want!

We have put a great deal of effort in designing the array of colors we offer today. Currently we offer deer leather in white, smoke, gold, saddle, tobacco, chocolate and black. Elk is also available in white, cream, smoke, gold, saddle, tobacco, chocolate and black. Buffalo is available in smoke, saddle, tobacco, chocolate and black.

The colors listed above are considered standard colors and are available most all of the time. However to satisfy the need for the exotic we do produce, in limited runs, an array of additional colors. These colors can include reds, blues, greens, mahoganies, pastels off shades and everything in between. The best way to learn more is to simply just call us. These fancy colors arent produced in the same quantities as the standard colors and are not produced at the same time every season.

Deer leather is typically made into 3-4 oz thickness, Elk between 3-6 oz and Buffalo from 4oz up to 8-9 oz.

Below is a list of standard colors we offer. NOTE: cream color is exclusive to Elk.

Satisfying the needs of our clients always comes first. With that, if there is something that isnt listed or mentioned here again your best way is to call us. We may be able to help!

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smoke leather swatch
white leather swatch